PicList is packed full of Features!

Shopping, Entertainment, Group Events, Wish lists, Holiday packing lists, and a useful all purpose quick check list. PicList has all the features to make your life easier.

Shopping List

A visual grocery list that tracks everything you need to buy.
Use pictures to share with family and friends and make shopping easy, save time and save money.

  • Taking your own photos is a great way to show others exactly which item to buy!
  • Share with family and friends to synchronize with your household shopping needs.
  • No time to take photos? The app will automatically choose a suitable image for your item until you have time to take your own.

Trip List

Packing for a Trip for you or the family? Take out the worry by keeping your own list of all the items you need.

Pack them up and check them off. There is even an option to let you know which items are still to be packed.

  • Organise your list into types of items
  • When they are packed up, then you can check them off.
  • You can keep the list for next time you travel, to make packing so easy!

Quick List

A great choice for an instant list! Check them off as you complete each task.

You can easily change the priority order of each item.


Keep track of Movies, Books and Music that you want to catch up on. Easy to add your own pictures, information and notes.

Group Events

Whether its a wedding, a family reunion or a club meeting, this list can help assign people to tasks so that everybody is connected. Make your event successful by syncing together as a group.

Wish List

For all those things you dream of to have and do, an easy to make list to rate and position.

Share your wish listwith others.